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stop unreasonable rate increases but right now, he doesn't have the authority over insurance companies. >> consumers who buy their policies in the individual market have seen double-digit rate increases year after year. >> reporter: the insurance deputy commissioner says, this is a much bigger problem. about 620,000 californians are about to find out that their premiums could rise as much as 25% and it's not just the premiums. >> deductibles are going up at the same time. >> reporter: so rate increase is just the beginning? >> yeah. >> reporter: is that common? >> yes. >> reporter: commission another jones has tried to get a state bill passed for six years so he can protect californians from excessive rate increases but every one has failed so right now he doesn't have the authority. that is why he has already qualified a ballot initiative so that voters can give his
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office the power to veto rate increases when necessary but that won't happen until 2014 so in the meantime a lot families will caught in the middle. >> insurance commissioner with no authority. >> that's right. what do we pay him for. >> reporter: i don't think it's his fault because his office doesn't have that authority yet. he has been trying to get this. he wants to be able to answer to the insurance companies so we'll see if he gets that next year. >> so not to be provocative. is the office just window dressing then? >> i think that they look at regulatory rates and they are required to make sure that the rates are not excessively unreasonable. and that they follow federal laws as well so they have a function. but this is one that he doesn't have and that he wants. >> all right. grace lee, thank you. we are following a developing story right now out of san francisco. a manhole cover has blown off the city street. flames were seen shooting out of the manhole at 11th and howard streets and traffic in the year is being restricted
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right now. it's not known what has caused this blast. a pg&e crew is now on scene. first reports about a pedestrian injured turned out to be the result of a car crash which happened two blocks away at the exact same time. the line belongs to a different retail chain but i'm going to use it anyway, attention walmart shoppers. you may want to prepare for a different kind of line this black friday. a picket line. cbs 5 reporter ann notarangelo on the wage war that could shake up some shopping plans. ann. reporter: it's not clear what we'll see at walmart across the bay area over the next couple of days. there are going to be some labor actions but they seem to be disorganized and they don't actually always include walmart employees. [ chanting ] reporter: these are not walmart workers. they are child care advocates who took the extraordinary step of marching into this oakland walmart to protest the way the company does business. >> they need to be more supportive of the american families and, you know, raise their wages and treat their workers with respect. [ chanting ]
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>> reporter: this is the ramp- up to a thanksgiving day black friday one-two punch against the retail giant. actions include strikes and protests nationwide. each location will be different and there is a sense of general disorganization. raymond bravo works at the richmond pathmark. -- works at the richmond walmart. his black friday shift starts thanksgiving night. >> i'm going to walk out at 11 p.m. >> reporter: he says he wants better working conditions. he also says managers retaliate against workers who speak up. bravo knows by striking he could lose his job. >> in the end i believe it's worth it because we have to stand up against walmart' tyranny. if we don't, no no one else will. >> reporter: this is a showdown between two giants nonunion walmart and the united food and workers union which says it's not organizing a rally but as clearly stated on its website is offering support. walmart has asked the national labor relations board to stop the rallies but a decision is unlikely to come before tomorrow. walmart doesn't seem fazed.
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in an email a company spokesman wrote, the reality is that there are only a handful of associates at a handful of stores scattered across the country who are participating in these ufcw made-for-tv eventsful but even -- events, but even this small protest turned away at least one customer. >> i decided i would go to target or some other store. >> reporter: other shoppers are sympathetic but highlight the challenge. do you think people would support a strike? >> no. the almighty dollar always wins. >> probably we stop buying like maybe that day or the next day or that week. but later on, you know, sooner or later we end upcoming back. >> reporter: walmart calls black friday the super bowl of retailers and does not expect its customers to be affected by the protests. >> we'll see, though. ann notarangelo in martinez, thanks. a man accused in a deadly crime spree in san jose now
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says he is sorry. the man was in court today even as police are still looking for his partner in last friday's rampage. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez on the why showing remorse now probably won't help his case much. >> reporter: this is something you rarely hear from a public defender that the client is remorseful but he didn't say exactly what's remorseful for as this death penalty case gets under way. >> jonathan wilbanks... reporter: wearing the red pullover and shackles of a man accused of murder, jonathan wilbanks walked to his first court appearance with his head down. he is accused of killing a man during an attempted carjacking and wounding a san jose cop after a string of armed robberies but he did not enter a plea. >> no thank you. >> reporter: outside, his court- appointed lawyer spoke to wilbanks' state of mind. >> extremely remorseful. >> reporter: wilbanks and an accomplice allegedly robbed four san jose businesses at gunpoint last friday night then killed 22-year-old rory parkpettiford while attempting to carjack him
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in the parking lot of a 7- eleven. later when tailed by a police patrol car, the crime partners allegedly stopped, got out and fired on the officer several times grazing his gun belt and disabling his service weapon. after another brief chase, wilbanks crashed his car and was arrested while his partner escaped on foot. the district attorney says the crime spree could land wilbanks in prison for the rest of his life or worse. >> the murder of rory parkpettiford is potentially a life without the possibility of parole or a death penalty charge. so there's not much you can do to somebody of that. but the attempted murder of a police officer is a life offense. >> reporter: despite a $20,000 reward and manhunt, the second suspect has eluded capture and police say continues to be a threat to public safety. >> this is somebody who, but for the grace of god, this officer could have been killed. we have no reason not to suspect that he wouldn't try to do the same thing again.
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we're trying to find him as quickly as we can. >> reporter: jonathan wilbanks will be back in court on december 5. meantime, san jose police and other allied agencies in this area are working around the clock to try and find the second suspect before anyone else gets hurt. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. >> we'll keep showing his picture and hope for the best. len, thank you. right now, the thanksgiving holiday getaway is under what. be glad you're not sitting in that. this is a live look, chopper 5 over interstate 580 in livermore right near that new paragon outlet mall? oy. da lin at sfo where air traffic has been heavy but relatively hassle-free. da. >> reporter: pretty heavy. a lot of folks are getting dropped off here at sfo. it's one of the hot spots across the country for holiday
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travel and airport officials at sfo say they expect about 120,000 passengers to have come through here when the day is over. reporter: a busy but smooth day at san francisco international airport. we were given special access for an up-close look of the runway. planes packed with passengers taking off and landing in san francisco. >> we had clear skies and no turbulence and we got to sit together. >> reporter: despite how busy it was, there were no major delays or long lines. passengers coming and going were upbeat. they say security checkpoints moved pretty fast. >> nice. i was expecting it to really be a lot worse and i kind of --i hate the stress of the airport so i hate flying so it's kind of nice to come into this atmosphere and not worry. >> reporter: airport officials say passenger traffic was up 3% at sfo this thanksgiving eve compared to the same day last year. lines were slightly longer this morning compared to the afternoon hours. aaa estimates close to 44 million people will travel 50 miles or more during the
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thanksgiving holiday a slight increase from last year. it reports about 90% of those will travel by automobile. we saw packed roads on interstate 80, 580 and 101, a greyhound bus driver telling me a lot of packed buses, too. >> it's busier than usual. >> ladies and gentlemen, san jose-bound trains. >> reporter: this family took amtrak from portland to hayward to see grandma and just like everybody else, they are excited to see the family and eat some good food. >> we are going to have turkey, ham, my mama's legendary monkey bread, macaroni and cheese cranberry. >> reporter: it will be a busy wednesday and a busy sunday when folks go home. here's a live look from chopper 5 showing livermore more.
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you can see interstate 580 pretty busy, heavy with a lot of cars leaving the area. it's a busy wednesday and busy sunday when a lot of folks go home. sunday will be the busiest travel day for most airports. live at sfo, i'm da lin, cbs 5. so i was saying 911 please come i don't know who is getting in the building [ screaming ] >> screams of and suspension! the wild bay area rampage leading up to that arrest. >> and the filthy problem closing part of a popular bay area beach. >> pretty soggy outside overnight and this morning some parts of the north bay got from one to three inches of rainfall. hi-def doppler there is dry right now but how long is it going to stay that way? i have your forecast right through turkey day coming up next.
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reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868. but the calm was shattered y
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by t it's a neighborhood people who live there say it's quiet and safe. but the calm was shattered today by the sounds of breaking glass. apparently a man was trying to break into apartments in a building in pacific heights. [ screaming ] >> that's him. police say this man was moving across the rooftops of several buildings at franklin and sacramento trying to get in, of course. one woman heard breaking glass, looked out the window to see the man directly below her, then trying to smash in the door with a skateboard. she did call the police. >> so i was whispering, 911, please come, i don't know if he get in the building i didn't know if neighbors were home. >> this is a quiet street. >> police say the suspects was impaired from mental illness or drugs. he was arrested but treated for cuts that he suffered apparently from that broken glass. a sewage spill forced closure of a section of san
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francisco's ocean beach. the leak was discovered overnight at great highway and balboa streets. cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez shows us the damage caused from a pipe overwhelmed by a lot of rain. hi, joe. >> reporter: hi, dana. you can see the yellow tape behind me. a small section has been blocked off most of the beach is accessible. a no swimming advisory is in effect until further notice. joggers being forced off the path, surfers learning the waves are gnarly. last night's downpours overwhelmed the city's had sewage system creating pressure underground so strong that it blew out a welded-shut manhole cover. >> we have a combined sewer system so we are collecting stormwater and sewage in the same pipe. basically it only gets overwhelmed with a lot of rain so it's about 90% stormwater, 10% sewage. >> reporter: clean-up crews
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have blocked off about a quarter mile stretch the northern most segment of ocean beach and will pump the standing water off the stand and run tests to see how badly the beach was contaminated. >> it's just sucks. i mean, where i play i take my dog my baby every day, we're on a dirty beach. >> reporter: ocean beach resident mark lou koch says it's becoming an all-too-common problem. he sees no swimming signs up about 12 times during the rain ee season every year. >> we have sewers that dump into the ocean. most of the times that water is clean. but very often it's not clean. and that means that in addition to all the city's trash ending up in the waves, you also have the city's sewage in the waves. so that's a big problem. >> the day before thanksgiving and it's sunny. >> yeah. >> it's supposed to be a day of -- >> doing whatever. instead we're worrying about water contamination and -- i don't know. but it still looks like people are enjoying the water. hopefully it's not that big a deal records i hope not.
6:16 pm
they are in the water. it's too late for them. >> reporter: how contaminate is it? they expect to get the lab tests back tomorrow and meanwhile they expect to have this stretch of the beach blocked off for up to a week. >> thank you. other bay area headlines in oakland, divers today recovered the body of a man who fell into this quarry last night. investigators believe 59-year- old he slipped and fell in when he was out in the rain looking for his cat. crews found the cat on the hillside. in san jose a man died after he was hit by two cars this morning. witnesses told police that the first car a dark sedan hit the victim and kept going. seconds later a second car hit him. we are told the victim was not walking in the crosswalk. police have not released his identity yet. in san francisco, staff and
6:17 pm
a lot of volunteer help. tonight getting ready to put on the annual thanksgiving feast at glide memorial church. about 6,000 people are get a hot meal. paul deanno with a forecast we can be thankful for. >> there are a lot of reasons to be thankful this year. the forecast is one of them especially after the rainfall the last couple of days. i'll show you the rainfall totals in a second. skies clearing over the bay area now. what a wet night it was. i just saw that story about all the stormwater causing issues at ocean beach. on inch of rain in san francisco, lafayette 1.25", yountville 1.33 inches. hi-def doppler is now dry. the south bay you saw the least amount of rain lasting until mid-morning. i'm going to let the cat out of the bag. your forecast tomorrow perfect, mainly sunny, mild with mid- to upper 60s. what a gorgeous thanksgiving
6:18 pm
we're going to v now, something has to be changing, tahoe with a wind gust overnight of 100 miles per hour. that's how strong that front was. it's off to the south and east. high pressure will shove the storm track to the north. it will keep raining in seattle, vancouver, portland and eugene but not for us. high pressure not moving so we'll stay dry and mild into next week. highs tomorrow will be the coolest of the next several details. san francisco is 63. still above normal. livermore up to 65. san jose 66. thanksgiving in redwood city 64. 63 pacifica. friday, time to go shopping. upper 60s with sunshine. weekend looks perfect. we're talking highs in the low 70s for many of you. we'll stay dry until a slight chance of showers next wednesday. just about perfect for the next
6:19 pm
several days including thanksgiving. that's your cbs 5 forecast. why are house fires burning hotter and faster? >> you can make things worse if you are not careful. >> the new tactics firefighters are using. the advice they have for homeowners coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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day before thanksgiving. fls shot through the roof of thr a family of nine lost their house to fire the day before thanksgiving. flames shot through the roof of their daly city home this morning. everyone escaped but one person did go to the hospital after inhaling too much smoke. the cause of that fire is under investigation. well, dana, house fires are burning quicker and hotter than ever before. so to figure out why, the menlo park fire department has teamed up with a silicon valley firm
6:22 pm
to study the science of fires. reporter: it's a dangerous job. >> open some windows. >> reporter: hunting through thick smoke for survivors of a house fire. but the men and women of the menlo park fire department have an edge. chief harold has teamed up with some of the world's leading fire scientists to better protect his crews and save lives. >> what we wanted to do was be more analytical about what we were doing. >> reporter: in this experiment, a live burn, a container is set up to look like a small living room with a couple of couches, pillows, curtains, a coffee table, a lamp, and some newspapers. then thermal scientists light a candle and the wait is on. within seconds, the curtains catch on fire. smoke starts swirling up to the ceiling. as the cloud of smoke lowers, the temperature rises. then almost simultaneously, the furniture self ignites. it's called flashover.
6:23 pm
>> you see the hot layer getting down here... >> reporter: it's analyzed in detail with computer generated animations. >> at every node you're computing the temperature, the pressure, the flow rate. >> reporter: kamal says a house fire these days reaches flashover in just three to four minutes. >> this is the flashover now. >> reporter: flashover happens much faster these days because of this, modern furniture. sofas, for instance, are stuffed with synthetic material that burns 10 times faster than cotton. with so little time to spare, firefighters have had to adapt with two new tactics. first, ventilation. traditionally when firefighters arrive at a fire, they might open a door or a window to get in and look for survivors. but if that burst of oxygen comes after flashover, it could fuel the flames. >> you can make things worse if you are not careful. >> reporter: the second change, the timing for turning on water hoses. dousing a house fire before
6:24 pm
going in was something firefighters never used to do for fear of burning people inside with steam. but now that house fires burn so hot -- >> using water sparingly or strategically is what i would say would be the key. it's like choreography. >> reporter: what can you do as a homeowner? watch this. >> you'll see the second sprinkler activated just for rouse kamal showed us how sprinklers stopped fire in its tracks. this is a computer generated animation of a real event. >> you can see some fire coming into the room but the fire does not go into any other rooms because the sprinklers are activated. >> a lot of people are buying solar panels for their homes but i would say look at what protects your family first and sprinklers protect your family. >> reporter: sounds obvious but so to smoke detectors. now more than ever. >> we're already behind, degrees behind based upon early detection. you think about it, be
6:25 pm
prepared. >> now, a simple inexpensive step you can take right now is replace your older smoke detectors. some firefighters say that the newer photovoltaic detectors sense fire quicker and more accurately than photo electric detectors. israel and hamas stopped fighting at least for now. coming up, of the terms of the truce that ends a week of attacks. >> first a mysterious medical leave. now an explanation from congressman jesse jackson, jr. >> and the feat of fate of in oyster farm is in the hands of one minute and if the company has to go. ,, ,,,,,,
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breakthrough in the middle , where a cease-fire between israel and hamas, is still this is a crit cat moment for the region. -- this is a critical moment for the region. >> now at 6:30 a major breakthrough in the middle east where a cease-fire for israel and hamas is holding. it took intense diplomatic efforts by the u.s. and egypt to make it happen. cbs reporter danielle nottingham live at the white
6:29 pm
house with the terms of the truce. danielle. reporter: after a bus explosion in tel aviv today, from were fears a deal didn't break down but hamas didn't claim responsibility for the attack. cheers and celebratory gunfire echoed through the streets of gaza city wednesday that just hours before were rocked by artillery fire. after eight days of fighting, israel and hamas agreed to a cease-fire. secretary of state hillary clinton announced the truce with egypt's foreign minister. >> the united states welcomes the agreement today for a cease- fire in gaza. for it to hold, the rocket attacks must end, a broader calm returned. >> reporter: under the terms of the deal, hamas will stop firing rockets into israel which have killed five israelis. and israel will stop its air strikes on gaza that have killed more than 160 palestinians. the cease-fire was thrown into question earlier in the day
6:30 pm
when a bomb exploded on a bus in tel aviv. 27 people were hurt. no one claimed responsibility. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said he agreed to the cease-fire at president obama's urging. he told his people there may yet be a need for stronger military action. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: but he said, at this time, the right thing for the state of israel is to use this opportunity to achieve a long lasting cease-fire. hamas' called it the first step to end the siege against his people and the path toward a palestinian state. >> not fighting will do more good. i'm happy to hear it. >> reporter: as long as it holds. and egypt will play a key role in maintaining the peace in the region. and the white house also said the president pledged to help
6:31 pm
israel maintain its security. live at the white house, danielle nottingham, allen, back to you. >> thank you. jesse jackson, jr., has resigned from his seat in the house of representatives. the illinois congressman had been on a month long medical leave for bipolar disorder and just two weeks ago voters re- elected him to another term. jackson is under federal investigation into possible misuse of campaign money and in his resignation letter he says he accepts responsibility for his mistakes and that he is cooperating with investigators. talk about the most wonderful time of the year. the two luckiest turkeys in the country got their walking papers from the president today. and they just couldn't wait to give thanks. >> good afternoon, everybody. >> gobble gobble. [ laughter ] >> they responded to him. [ laughter ] >> the president pardoned cobbler and gobbler at a rose garden ceremony this morning. for the first time the public elected the presidential poultry through an online vote
6:32 pm
on the white house facebook page. >> the american people have spoken. and these birds are moving forward. [ laughter ] >> love this bird. [ laughter ] >> i think they have a little applause. the virginia-raised birds will spent their twilight years at george washington's mount vernon estate. historically it's appropriate. it was washington who suggested a national day of thanksgiving in 17 -- that's a talkative bunch! they should go to congress. >> gobble gobble. the fate of an oyster farm in point reyes could be announced next week. the u.s. secretary of. interior stopped by the oyster farm in drake sister row to see it firsthand. >> reporter: the drakes bay oyster company has farmed its product in drake's estero at
6:33 pm
the point reyes national seashore for more than 70 years. but since 1976 it's designated environmental refuge. interior secretary ken salazar has the power to grant a ten- year extension to the company and today both sides met to make their case. >> we believe that the secretary will make the decision to continue the farm because part of his responsibility is to preserve the history and culture of our interior land. >> >> the lease terminates on the 30th of november. it's respect for the law and the opportunity. >> reporter: the wilderness supporters say this should be an undisturbed refuge. but oyster farmers say they have been here all along while wildlife has thrived. >> people who have money and then want to walk over the hill and don't want to see nothing there. that's all what it is.
6:34 pm
>> promise made to the american people into 1976. this should be wilderness. come december 1. >> reporter: those who attended the meeting say secretary salazar gave no indication how he is leaning but whatever decision comes next week, it's clear that some people are not going to be very happy about it. at the point reyes national seashore, john reyes, cbs 5. if you decide to deep fry your turkey for thanksgiving -- >> oh. >> -- be careful because this could happen. tonight tips to cook without problems. >> how a lost wedding album has sparked a bay area manhunt. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:35 pm
6:36 pm
emergency call, firefighters know they are going to get. tomorrow some one will run o trouble cooking their thanksgiving feast. it's the emergency call firefighters know they are going to get. tomorrow someone will run into
6:37 pm
trouble cooking their thanksgiving feast. so today, a word of warning. menlo park fire crews demonstrated the dangers of using a turkey defrier. the real trouble happens when people overfill the oil and then drop in the bird! >> whoo! >> so make sure that everybody has a very safe thanksgiving holiday. and they enjoy it with their families and their friends and that we don't have an accident. >> the most common causes of house fires are from cooking and it doubles during the holidays well, fremont police have launched an unusual investigation. they are trying to find the owners of a briefcase containing one couple's very special memories. cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman on how you may be able to help crack the case. >> reporter: it's a major metropolis our bay area but sometimes someone breaks through the noise to show we may in fact just be mayberry. with opie and andy skipping rocks down near the creek. >> something very sentimental and obviously very precious to them. >> reporter: fremont police opened the case yesterday literally. they opened a briefcase.
6:38 pm
turned in to them found at a child care center parking lot. it's their wedding album from 2008 binded in a briefcase. what happened, fight, divorce, someone flung it out of a moving car? >> suspect it was probably stolen and they just abandoned it. >> reporter: part of a bigger burglary figures police property manager carol peterson. today fremont police put an advisory out on its 7,000 strong alert system because they don't know who vijay and ran it are. -- and ranjit are. that's what they do here. >> i had a wallet in my desk for 20 years. i swear to god. and i finally found the owner of it. >> reporter: you did not. >> i did. >> reporter: do you recognize these people? >> no. >> reporter: no? police have other important stuff to do, so i tried to help. do you recognize any of these people? >> no. >> reporter: do you recognize them? >> no. >> reporter: okay. all right. >> good luck on finding them. >> reporter: thank you. do you know vijay and ranjit?
6:39 pm
if you know them or if you are them, call fremont police and help them make this an open-and- shut case. in fremont, mike sugerman, cbs 5. on oakland rugby coach is expecting a lot more than games won from his players. >> he wants us to -- he is teaching us how life is going to be like everything is not going to be handed to you. >> why this team is sticking with it in spite of the tough lessons. >> good evening to you. meteorologist paul deanno. the rain, cold front, have moved out. radar's dry right now. will it stay that way for the holiday season? i know you want to go shopping. i have your forecast coming up. >> the as are about to lose one of the pieces of the play-off puzzle. i'm dennis o'donnell. we'll go one on one with jim harbaugh. i can't imagine what i'm going to ask him! coming up. ,,
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a community still recovering from superstorm sandy, is helping neighbors in need. a school principal in new yk the idea to r a community still
6:43 pm
recovering from superstorm sandy is helping neighbors in need. a school principal in new york came up with the idea to raise money to provide this feast to students and their families. they say that they will not be eating turkey tomorrow. instead they will be cleaning up from the storm. so for many this is their thanksgiving meal. >> i'm very thankful right now. i'm just thankful that we have this. >> a warm meal. >> some new yorkers still have no heat. and a few of them just got their power back on. >> some young oakland athletes are discovering that they can grow up a lot on the field thanks to their coach. sharon chin went to rugby practice to catch up with this week's jefferson award winner. >> stay with it good job, good job. >> reporter: ryan burke teaches dozens of teenagers the game of rugby but they learn more than the rules of sport. high school senior ikani tupouata. >> he taught me to never put
6:44 pm
down anybody, never underestimate no one, always show respect, always give respect. >> eric, you come up. >> reporter: ryan, a former rugby player himself, is president of the oakland warthogs rugby club. >> when you first started this i thought i wanted to teach kids to be better kids and then after the first year, these guys were all my little brother and i haven't been able to walk away. >> reporter: ryan, a construction manager by day, cofounded the club in 2005 to encourage inner city kids to pursue a sport, develop character and strive for college. many of the eighth through 12th grade athletes come from tough oakland neighborhoods know stranger to drugs, violence and poverty. >> we have had kids their mother stabbed their father the night before thanksgiving. we have had kids that sleep on a couch. and we have a kid who sleeps in a closet. we do this all for you guys. >> reporter: and ryan is serious about scholastics. if you don't earn a c average, you don't play. he canceled the team's play-off end trace last year so they
6:45 pm
couldn't defend their division title because several students failed to submit their report cards ikani tupouata remembers it. >> he wants us to -- he is teaching us how life is going to be like everything is not going to be handed to you. and you got to work for what you want. >> reporter: under ryan's leadership, the team isn't just about sports and school but also about serving the community. >> it takes character to, you know, put your head down and do things for others even when it feels like nothing is being done for you. >> reporter: their service projects including clearing weeds at merritt college, trimming bushes at the park. former oakland warthog siliveinusi tomasi. >> when you give, you receive later in the future. >> reporter: he did receive. when the warthogs sent him to rugby camp, the college of san mateo freshmen ended up playing for the junior rugby world trophy the top prize. ryan couldn't be prouder. >> i love these kids and even the ones that are tough and a pain in the butt sometimes, you know, i just -- they come back
6:46 pm
later and they appreciate what it is we're doing here. >> reporter: so for coaching teenagers in rugby and in life, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to ryan burke. sharon chin, cbs 5. and you can nominate your local heroes for a jefferson award online at click the "connect" button at the top of the page and then jefferson awards, to find the email nomination form. >> wall, there's a lot of touch football games going to be played tomorrow. >> it's going to be fine. not muddy. hopefully the grass dries between now and then because you feel rainfall earlier this morning. it's gone. it's going to be gone for a while. from the rooftop to the bay bridge, a beautiful landmark. oakland 68 downtown san francisco 64. next stop will be san jose. the santa clara valley there's the airport right in the middle of your television screen.
6:47 pm
san jose hit 66. santa rosa 65. concord your high today 65. please excuse my voice. i feel fine. the voice says otherwise. hi-def doppler is doing just fine. always scanning and searching for rainfall. but coming up dry wasn't the case overnight where many of you from san francisco northward got more than an inch of rainfall. tonight were clear skies it's about the chilly air. fairfield you'll drop down to 42. thanksgiving morning in napa, san rafael and santa rosa in the low 40s. fremont down to 46 and livermore down to 44 out toward the tri-valley. so we have this cold front move through. it was a strong one gave us a lot of rainfall but now it's gone and because the jet stream energy is way up to our north we have the southern fringe of the front. front is gone no longer in the weather picture. what is moving into our weather picture is a huge area of high pressure. i said huge, it's southern extent down to cabo san lucas. the northern extent is up by medford oregon. that's a big dome of high pressure. it will shove the storm track about 700 miles to our north and then not move. high pressure doesn't move
6:48 pm
forecast isn't going to change which means sunshine, dry weather, and mild temperatures for about the next week or so all the way to next tuesday. i don't see one drop of rain or one day that will not be sunny. nights will be foggy especially tonight in the north bay valleys to watch out toward napa and also santa rosa and healdsburg. a lot of sunshine for tomorrow for thanksgiving all the way through sunday and temperatures with that sunshine will be running above normal. let's talk about those temperatures for thanksgiving. san jose 66 which is average for this time of year. concord you typically are at 62. your high tomorrow 64. south bay highs, palo alto 65. my family will be celebrating in los gatos at 67. 68 morgan hill. hayward 64. concord 64 degrees. dublin 64. beautiful day for pleasanton, sunshine 65. oakland's your high 66. petaluma 66. santa rosa 67 degrees. extended forecast couple of degrees milder on friday for all you shoppers wanting to get out no problem with weather.
6:49 pm
no problem any way shopping on black friday contraversy? what contraver? next chance of rain wednesday next week. sports is next. ,,
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
"i" in team.. " " smith still hasn't been medically cleared to play, controversy? what controversy! the 49er quarterbacks believe there is no i in team. >> if it's a good thing for the team let's not get this wrong. if there is any other position, it's a great thing. now does it complicate things for me and colin? we have always supported each other. so we're going to keep doing that. >> if you can't be happy for your teammate's success, playing tennis, golf, something, it's ridiculous. i think it's -- it doesn't belong in team sports in my opinion. >> alex smith still has not been medically cleared to play although jim harbaugh expects he will be in time for sunday's game in new orleans. kaepernick was brilliant in his starting debut against the bears so you have two hot hands and i put the question to the coach. >> is there a quarterback controversy in your mind? >> no. there's not a controversy because a controversy is two opposing points of view, you
6:53 pm
know, an argument between two opposing views. you know, ours is -- we're dealing from the opposite of that. we're a team. >> i'll call it a choice- aversy. bad english. you know? you're going to have to make the choice. you know? [ pause ] >> yeah. yeah. >> you don't like that one. okay. >> i do. i mean, i'm letting it rattle around in there. >> ba grammar. is it true you brought sam gordon into the 49ers locker room? >> we did. say i'm a 9-year-old great kid a lot of our players had seen the youtube video of her 18, 1900 yards and 35 touchdowns... playing football with the boys and kinds of dominating. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> so i asked her to break down our team and she said, well, i
6:54 pm
know mao to do that. 49ers on three, one, two, three, 9ers! [ laughter ] >> and it was outstanding. >> wahoo! >> 49ers! >> although this was a common thing to have done procedure for you but was it in some ways a wake-up call kind of a reality check? did it remind you of the things that are important to you and to your family? >> yeah. there's always the need, you know, or the wakeium call to take better care of yourself, quit drinking some of the canned soda drinks that i was drinking cut out the chewing tobacco and eat better. so have to make that commitment to take better care of myself. >> jim harbaugh had the procedure on the irregular heartbeat so he had to make lifestyle changes. aaron rodgers was the last great quarterback at cal. now, rogers probably wouldn't be in the position he is in now with the packers without jeff tedford. last night the former cal quarterback blasted his alma
6:55 pm
mater for the decision to fire his old coach. were it's a terrible decision and disrespectful. you have competitive facilities now where you can really recruit some kids and what do they do? they fire them. the winning he was coach in history, it's just a shame. >> now, according to multiple reports jonny gomes will not be back in oakland. the petaluma native is reportedly close to signing a two-year deal with the red sox. gomes was a platoon outfielder with 18 home runs mostly against lefties last season but this was a valuable role player great in the clubhouse and we loved him in t media. >> buzz around grinnell in iowa and a soft more guard jack taylor. last night he set the ncaa touring record with 138 points
6:56 pm
smashing the old record of 113 which was set in 1954. grinnell won the game 179-104. [ pause ] it's hard to wrap your head around until you look at the box score. he shot the ball 108 times which is a shot every 20 seconds! [ laughter ] >> he made 27 of 71 three- pointers. he did not have a single assist. now, there's a shock. [ laughter ] >> well, it's pretty sobering when i woke up and saw that kobe had talked about my game. he's my favorite player growing up and that was really cool. i was going to actually go home for thanksgiving. but now with all these interviews, uhm, they want me to stay. >> now, apparently the reason they kept feeding the ball because they are getting ready to head to the post-season, right? and they wanted him to be -- to be -- >> was he in a slump? >> he is not anymore! >> exactly. so we have football tomorrow. the texans at the lions at 9:30
6:57 pm
in the morning. it's set up now you can watch football all day, first the preday. >> unless you're cook. clearly you won't be cooking. >> you can't watch football and cook at the same time. >> i have my tv in the living room and i'm in the kitchen. >> yeah. >> don't have that -- >> but that keeps everybody out of the kitchen and out of your way. >> hey. >> eat and watch football? that you can do. >> exactly. >> we have a story coming up at 10:00 and 11:00 about a power outage in orinda. we're keeping an eye on it. have a good holiday. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,
6:58 pm
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joey fatone: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank you. nice to see you. thank you very much. how's everybody doing to

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